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[To apply for student positions or for more information on Ecology
@ WSU research programs, contact Dr. Rod Sayler by email:
r d s a y l e r @ w s u . e d u; or see descriptions for our research labs above]

[For more information on the Department of Natural Resource Sciences,
contact the Chair, Dr. Keith Blatner by email: b l a t n e r @ w s u . e d u
or visit the web site: natural-resources.wsu.edu]

[For more detailed information on current activities in our research labs,
please contact the research directors listed under our “Research Labs” above.]

[For information on the facilities, greenhouses, and properties of the
E.H. Steffen Center, contact John Fluegel, Steffen Center Manager:
509-335-4371; email: j f l u e g e l @ w s u . e d u


David Baumgartner

Dr. David Baumgartner, Professor & State Extension Forester
Department of Natural Resource Sciences
web site: Natural Resources Extension
[509-335-2963; email: b a u m g a r t n e r @ w s u . e d u]

Keith Blatner

Dr. Keith Blatner, Professor & Chair
Department of Natural Resource Sciences
[509-335-4499; email: b l a t n e r @ w s u . e d u]

Linda Hardesty

Dr. Linda Hardesty, Assoc. Professor & Rangeland Scientist
Invasive plants; Agroforestry; Shrub-steppe ecology & management
[509-335-6632; email: l h a r d e s t @ w s u . e d u]

Mark McClure

Dr. Mark McClure, Adjunct Faculty & Research Scientist
Behavioral & Population Ecology; Scaling & Ecological Patterns
of Behavior & Population Dynamics on Landscapes
[509-335-1349; email: m m c c l u r e @ w s u . e d u]

Charles T Robbins

Dr. Charles T. Robbins, Professor & Director – Bear Center Research,
Education & Conservation Program

(Foraging & Nutritional Ecology; Ecosystem Nutrient Cycling; Energetics
& Habitat Use of Bears)
[509-335-1119; email: c t r o b b i n s @ w s u . e d u]

Rod Sayler

Dr. Rod Sayler – Steffen Center: Research & Science Education
Endangered Species Lab; Amphibian & Wetland Conservation Project
Assoc. Professor – Wildlife Ecology, Restoration Ecology, & Conservation Science
Please contact by email for job or graduate student inquiries:
[509-335-6167; email: r d s a y l e r @ w s u . e d u]

Lisa Shipley

Dr. Lisa Shipley, Assoc. Professor & Wildlife Scientist
Director, Wild Ungulate Facility (WUF)
Wildlife Nutritional Ecology & Mammalian Ecology
[509-335-9182; email: s h i p l e y @ w s u . e d u]


Dr. Robert Wielgus, Assoc. Professor
Director, Large Carnivore Conservation Lab
Population, behavioral, and habitat ecology
of large carnivores (grizzly bears, black bears, cougars
and their prey). Dynamics of small populations.
[509-335-2796; email: w i e l g u s @ w s u . e d u

Ben Zamora

Dr. Ben Zamora, Professor – Plant Ecology; Shrub-steppe
& Restoration Ecology; Wildland Fire
[509-335-7558; email: b z a m o r a @ w s u . e d u]

Other WSU Faculty – Department of Natural Resource Sciences
[For a complete list of NRS faculty, see: Natural Resource Sciences]

Steffen Center & Natural Resource Sciences – Staff and Research Associates:

Rod Clausen

Rod Clausen, Administrative Manager – NRS Office
[509-335-6166; email: r o d _ c @ w s u . e d u]

Becky Elias

Becky Elias – Research Associate
Pygmy Rabbit Conservation Project (holding a grizzly bear cub
from Dr. Charles T. Robbin’s bear research program)
[509-335-1645; email: b h e m m e r l i n g @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson – Research Assistant
Pygmy Rabbit Conservation Project (holding white tiger cubs
at the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary)
[509-335-1645; email: t i g g e r _ 4 3 2 1 @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Steffen Center – Graduate Students & International Students:

Matt Berger

Matt Berger – M. S. graduate student
(Reintroduction of Pronghorn Antelope into Washington)
[email: m a t t . b e r g e r @ c o l v i l l e t r i b e s .c o m]

Susanne Canwell

Susanne Canwell – Ph.D. graduate student
(Dissertation Study: Landscape Ecology of Reed Canarygrass)
[email: c a n w e l l g r a p h i c s @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Erin Kuhn

Erin Kuhn – M.S. graduate student
(Digestion and Passage Rate Measurement Using
the Blue Duiker as a Model Species;pictured with
“Jared” an African blue duiker)
[509-335-1645; email: e r i n k u h n @ m a i l . w s u . e d u]

David Langill

David Langill – Undergraduate; Athabasca University
(Leopard Frog Husbandry at Washington State University)
[email: d a v i d l a n g i l l @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Scott Leach

Scott Leach – M. S. graduate student
(Wetland Characteristics & Northern Leopard Frog Ecology)
[509-335-2221; email: l e a c h s @ g m a i l . c o m]

Nick Paulson

Nick Paulson – M.S. graduate student
(Badger Ecology in Shrub-Steppe Habitats in Washington)
[email: n i c k _ p a u l s o n @ m a i l . w s u . e d u]

Elvia Lopez Perez

Elvia Lopez Perez – Ph.D. graduate student
(Dissertation Study: Natural Selenium and Planted Forages:
Effects on Mule Deer and Elk in Washington)
[email: l o e l 5 0 @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Laura Robison

Laura Robison – M.S. graduate student
(Restoration Ecology & Reed Canary Grass)
[email: l a u r e l l 2 2 4 @ b e l l s o u t h . n e t]

Nikki Thines

Nikki Thines – Ph.D. graduate student
(Dissertation study: Effects of Enhanced UV-B Radiation on
Plant Chemistry and Nutrition of Forages and Consequences
for Mammalian Herbivores)
[509-335-3673; email: n s i e g e l @ w s u . e d u]

Troy Tollefson

Troy Tollefson – Ph.D. graduate student
(Dissertation Study: How Summer and Autumn Nutrition
of Lactating Mule Deer Affects Reproduction the Following
Breeding Season; pictured with “Air Hoss” mule deer buck)
[509-335-8848; email: T r o y _ T o l l e f s o n @ w s u . e d u]

Joy Hong Kun Nee

Joy Hong-Kun Nee – M.S. graduate student
(Place-based Education: Palouse Prairie Ecology)
[email: j o y _ n e e @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Aki Kato

Aki Kato – M.S. graduate student
[email: a k i _ k a t o @ m a i l . w s u . e d u]

Len Zeoli

Len Zeoli – Ph.D. graduate student – “out standing” in his field
(Dissertation Study: Survival and Population Dynamics of
Reintroduced Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits)
[email: z e o l i l @ y a h o o . c o m]

Steffen Center – Ecology & Conservation Interns – Summer, 2006:

Candice Gobel

Candice Gobel – Summer Ecology & Conservation Intern
Greenhouse, Botanical Garden, & Native Plant Nursery
[email: c a n d i c e c g o b e l @ g m a i l . c o m]

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman – Summer Ecology & Conservation Intern
(with fish at the mouth of the Green River, western Washington)
[email: k _ h o f f m a n 0 3 @ h o t m a i l . c o m]

Aya Sayama

Aya Sayama – Summer Ecology & Conservation Intern
Pygmy rabbits; leopard frogs; native plant nursery

Amy Williams

Amy Williams – Summer Ecology & Conservation Intern
[email: p y g m y h i p p o @ c o m c a s t . n e t]

Steffen Center – Undergraduate Students: Special Projects & Assistants

Lindsey Ericksen

Lindsey Ericksen – Undergraduate Thesis Project
(Palouse Prairie Environmental Education Guide)

Sandra Nash

Sandra Nash – Wildlife Conservation Volunteer
[Checking for chronic wasting disease in elk and deer
in La Grande, Oregon]

Jen Schneider

Jennifer Schneider – Volunteer: Leopard Frog Project
[Pictured in Australia during study abroad program.]

Tracy Strewell

Tracie Strelow – Wild Ungulate Facility

Becca Ogden

Becca Ogden – Wild Ungulate Facility
[Pictured feeding mule deer]

Sarah McCusker

Sarah McCusker – Wild Ungulate Facility
[Pictured with mule deer fawn]

Tony Carnahan

Tony Carnahan – Wild Ungulate Facility
[Pictured with mule deer fawn]

Kelly Clayton

Kelly Clayton – Pygmy Rabbit Recovery Project
[Pictured with Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit]

Students at Steffen Center

Staff and students working at the Steffen Center for 2007
will be added to this list as student summer positions
are filled. Join us by applying for one of these positions or
help us out by volunteering for one of our projects.


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